it’s been two weeks since I left my beloved mitten and I really do miss it, but wow, do I love Ohio. I’m falling more in love with this place each day, but it’s not just this place. it’s the people, the community at Northminster, the team I work with, the kids I get to hang out with, the people who keep reassuring me that God has a plan for me here when I’m stressed about my leadership skills or missing home.

this past week was really interesting for me, to say the least. I spent the majority of my time planning the VBS that we’ll be leading when we go to New Mexico next week. let me tell you, trying to plan a four-day VBS with five days of material when you’re limited on what materials you can use since you’ll be flying and then driving cramped vehicles is definitely not a walk in the park.

one of the things I wrote on my weekly report on Tuesday was that, after a week, the novelty of this summer had worn off. the first week that I was here was full of meeting people, going over summer plans, and eating. it was a week of adapting and when it comes down to it, it was basically a week of fun. . . which meant that when we hit the ground actually running this past week, I hit a wall (well, a few walls). sure, a lot of fun will be had this summer, but that’s not what the point of this summer is; the point of this summer is to grow, to learn, to be used by God to further his kingdom.

I’m looking forward to doing that here in Cincinnati, but I’m also really looking forward to New Mexico. we leave next Sunday at 3am and return the following Monday or Tuesday night. Monday through Thursday, we’ll be leading VBS in the morning and doing service projects in the afternoon. we’re also leading a YoungLife club on Tuesday, which I’m really excited for. and then we’re wrapping up the week at the Grand Canyon, which I’m STOKED for. I’m not only looking forward to the work we’re going to do in Crownpoint, but to the relationships that are going to develop and grow during this trip. it’s going to be a really great opportunity to get to know some of the high schoolers better and to grow closer to the other leaders. [side note: we’re staying at a CRC church, so that’s another bonus for me. ;)]

I’m planning on posting again before we leave for NM. I’m actually thinking about doing shorter, more frequent posts because this post took at least two and a half hours (you have no idea how bad I am at actually blogging…). don’t worry, though; my distractions were mostly legitimate. . . I mean, I did watch the play-by-play of the Tigers/Reds game in between One Direction and Justin Bieber videos on youtube. . .

anyway, I hope you’re all doing wonderful. feel free to update me on what’s going on in your life wherever you may be ’cause if you’re reading this, chances are I miss you!

today’s requests:
-a not-too-stressful week of final preparations for New Mexico
-health. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately and I definitely don’t want to take a cold (or anything else) to NM
-confidence. I’ve been struggling to remember that I wouldn’t be here if a whole lot of people weren’t convinced that I can do this. the reminders of this throughout this past week have been great, but I’d love to completely believe that myself. :)


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  1. Natasha: We’re delighted and grateful that you are spending your summer serving the Lord through the Northminster community! And it is our joy to be watching your growth and praying for you thru this experience. Blessings! Jeff

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