down is optional. up is mandatory.

and the long-awaited New Mexico post has arrived.

the trip was amazing. it’s hard to sum it up in words because it was just so great. VBS was crazy and quite stressful most days, but we had 95 kids on the last day, which was awesome (I didn’t even expect to meet 95 people in the little town of Crownpoint, to be honest…). I loved getting to know the kids on my painting team (Team Instagram the Awkward is basically the best). I had so many quality heart-to-hearts with the kids and other leaders. and our host family included Ben, a boy who is also in band at Calvin, so that was fun. :)

minus being miserably sick one day, I really enjoyed visiting Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, and Albuquerque (side note: I totally spelled that right on the first try). The Grand Canyon was incredible. I loved taking it slow on the way down, soaking in the beauty, taking pictures, and engaging in conversation with great friends. I hated climbing back up. it was killer. my knee was definitely in pain, the little bit of water that I had left was very warm, I was tired, and I certainly did not want to be encouraged to keep going when all I wanted to do was rest. it was a rough day for sure.

and now we’re back. and I’ve done a lot of thinking since returning… but I really do have to go and it’s not really related to New Mexico, so expect another post soon (one that may surprise a vast majority of you).


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