after seven weeks in Cincinnati, I can finally cross “go to a Reds game” off of my to-do list. ever since I arrived, everyone’s talked about how great the games are and how much I needed to go to one, and sure, I was interested, but I wasn’t stoked to go. I’ve never loved baseball. I’ve been to a handful of Whitecaps games with my grandparents. I don’t think I’ve even watched a Tigers game on TV. I was looking forward to going to a real game, but I was more excited about spending quality time with great people. I expected to have fun and I hoped the Reds would win because I figured it’d be lame if we went and saw them lose.

last night was easily one of the best nights I’ve had so far in Cincinnati.

from the first glimpse of the ball park to the last burst and boom of post-game fireworks, I was in awe. the whole time we were at the park, I felt like a five-year-old child in a toy store (and I probably looked like one, too). the ball park itself was so overwhelming. when we first sat down in our seats, I couldn’t even watch the game because I was so overwhelmed with taking everything in. I couldn’t help but laugh when I did start watching the game because the players looked so fake. I felt so big compared to them, like I could just pick them up and move them around the bases whenever I felt like it; it definitely felt very Indian in the Cupboard-like.

the game was really wonderful, too. the Reds beat the Brewers 3-1 and all three of their runs were home runs, so that was pretty awesome.

last night was fantastic, my friends are too great, and I guess you could say. . . I really kind of love baseball now. :)



as you can imagine, I spend a lot of time each day thinking about staying in Ohio and transferring to the Mount this fall. today I want to share some of those thoughts with you, thoughts that are all centered around windmills.

let me back up a second.

last weekend, we had a retreat for 18/28 (Northminster’s college/young adult group) at The Springs (a really wonderful retreat “center” in Indiana that Jake’s grandparents help run). on Saturday morning, Jake’s grandma lead us through an exercise that involved us looking at a bunch of different pictures, choosing one we felt was speaking to us, and then analyzing it to find different things that could be relevant to our lives. one of the first pictures I saw… well, I knew I was supposed to choose that one, but I decided to walk around and look at the rest of the pictures, just in case I was jumping to conclusions. I figured I would take it if no one else had taken it by the time I got back around. and no one had, so this is the picture I chose:

to you, this may just be a picture of windmills in a field. but to me, this was a huge sign from God. why’s that? well, here’s what I saw the first time I drove down to Cincinnati and again when I was driving back from a visit to Grand Rapids this week (and technically while driving up there, too, I suppose):

a field full of windmills.

when I see these windmills off in the distance, I know that part two of the journey (Indiana) is almost complete. I know that I will soon be back in Ohio, where there is “so much to discover!” I know that I am almost back to the place that I currently call home. and I’m completely at peace when I see these windmills.

after visiting Grand Rapids this week, spending 12+ hours in my car (here’s to no A/C in 95+ degree weather!), and having time to hang out with God and seriously think about what is in store for this fall, I have found peace. I have found confidence. it’s becoming more and more evident each day why it is that I’m here in Cincinnati this summer, working with this team and these kids at Northminster.

at this point, I don’t know exactly what the future holds, but I do know that I want to figure those specifics out here in Cincinnati, a place I’ve fallen more in love with each and every day.