looking back.

I miss joking about cralligators and having late night talks. I miss defending the neighborhood with hockey stick “guns.” I miss being reminded that “the bird is the word.” I miss being taught how to “crank dat Soulja Boy.” I miss stressing out about our futures, not really knowing what we were going to do with our lives. I miss silly inside jokes. I miss having someone to watch awesome marching band videos with. I miss asking you to define the words you used in facebook messages because your vocabulary was far superior to mine. I miss laughing at silly jokes and using the comeback “well, so’s your face.” I miss all of these things, but mostly, I just miss having my best friend here.

the summer is coming to a close and we’ve arrived at the day I’ve been worried about for the last ten weeks. I worried that this would be too hard. I worried that I wouldn’t feel the support from my community back home, since I’m six hours away. but worrying really doesn’t get you anywhere. . . and really, there was no need to worry. my friends and I are still here for each other, looking past the distance and still remaining close.

this summer has taught me a lot and I’ve grown so much. last year, this day was difficult and I was in Grand Rapids, surrounded by my friends. this year, I’m in good ol Finneytown and still surrounded by a beautiful community, a community that has taught me that you’re family, no matter how long you’ve been around.

and it’s because of this community that I’ve been blessed with, this place that I am delighted to call home, that I rejoice. I rejoice over all of the memories I’ve made this summer and those that I will continue to make this fall. I rejoice over these people and how we’ve impacted each other. I rejoice over everything God has shown me in and through the Northminster community this summer. and I rejoice in hope for the joy that comes after the sorrow, an everlasting joy that cannot be taken from us.


One thought on “looking back.

  1. Thank you, Natasha, for expressing those memories. They made me smile and cry at the same time. We all miss Joel’s silly statements and vocab. I still can’t say “fuzzywups” (referring to Lucy) without tearing up and hearing his debates in my head on various topics about life. How I wish we had had more time with him in this life! What a day that will be to greet him again. Mrs. Koning

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