3 things I didn’t expect to love about Cincinnati.

note: November is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). this is the first of what will hopefully be thirty posts in the month of November. I haven’t felt especially creative lately, though, so I’m not going to make any promises. some days, I’ll use the prompt that the blog challenge suggests, but I’ll probably free write most days.

when I moved to Cincinnati five months ago (has it seriously been five months?!), I expected to love it. it was a new town in a new state with plenty of new opportunities and things to experience. there were a lot of things I didn’t necessarily expect to love, though. here’s a few of them.

1. Starbucks. while I have yet to fall in love with any of the local coffee shops in Cincinnati, I do have a much larger appreciation for Starbucks. when I lived in Grand Rapids, I was kind of a coffee shop snob. I preferred the local coffee shops (Mocha n Music in Hudsonville and Kava House in Grand Rapids are my favorites) and if I had to go to a “chain,” it was Biggby or nothing. Starbucks went off my radar after they kept putting espresso in my steamers and misspelling my name on my cup (okay, that part isn’t completely serious… but seriously, it’s not hard to spell!). I’ve only had one bad experience at Starbucks in Cincinnati (way to be, Kenwood Mall…) and I’ve loved each of my experiences at the one in Colerain. the baristas there are super friendly and they make one heck of a peppermint white mocha steamer.

2. the sky. I don’t know if I just never took time to appreciate the sky when I lived in Michigan, but oh my goodness, it is beautiful here.

3. the bridges. this sounds silly, I know, but there are a ton of really awesome bridges here. my favorite ones are the ones that go over the highway and say on the side of them what city/town you’re entering. apparently, it’s kind of a waste of money (“kind of” = “really”), but I think they look awesome. not included in the list of awesome bridges is definitely the creepy bridge over the Ohio River that brings you into Covington (at least, I think it’s Covington).

and because it’s the first day of the month, I’ll even throw in an extra one for kicks and giggles.

4. all of the potential husbands lined up outside. oh wait. ha. (get it? there’s the giggles. let’s save the kicks for later.)

what little (or big) things do you love about your city?


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