3 things I don’t love about Cincinnati.

yesterday’s post was a positive look at Cincinnati, so I figured it’d be a good idea to balance it out with a not-so-positive post today.

1. speed limits. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been annoyed by the speed limits in this state. honestly, I’m very surprised that I haven’t been pulled over in the past five months because I often forget that the speed limit is 55/60/65 on the highway as opposed to Michigan’s 70. not only is the speed slower than I’m used to, it’s constantly changing. I can take three different highways to get to Norwood (a fifteen minute drive or so) and they’ll all have different speed limits. consistency, Cincinnati – something you might want to consider.

2. roads (or lack thereof). on the topic of driving, most places I want to go are fairly close. . . but you have to drive the longest way possible to get there because none of the roads will get you directly there. even Ronald Reagan (my favorite ‘nati highway, similar to M-6, but way better), which is really close, takes too long to get to because you can only get on it if you’re going west.

3. stop signs. I live near the border of Finneytown and Wyoming (very similar to the Kentwood/Wyoming border near my house in Michigan). Finneytown is wonderful because you can enjoy your drive while maintaining a pleasant speed (because 35 is pleasant and normal (25 is stupid. always.)). but Wyoming… there are multiple things wrong with Wyoming. there are at least four different streets I could take to get from Finneytown to Wyoming and they all involve going down huge hills, which is okay, until I have to come back to Finneytown and drive up these huge hills, which my car does not appreciate. Wyoming also is way too stop-sign-friendly. I barely have time to accelerate to the speed limit (okay, I accelerate slowly, but I love my car…) before I’m stopping again. if you ever ride with me, don’t be surprised when I take the long way to Wyoming to avoid the stop signs.

so there you have it. three things I don’t love about Cincinnati. wait. bonus!

4. single n, double n. aka it took me almost a month of living here to be able to spell Cincinnati correctly. but that’s okay because my grandma is much older and much wiser than I am and she still can’t spell it. ;)

now that I’ve told you about my apparent road rage, what are your least favorite things about your city?


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