the taste of defeat.

note: I didn’t post yesterday, but I do still intend to post 30 times in November. :)

everyone has things that they’re good at.

if you know me, you probably know that I’m pretty dang good at minesweeper.

I’m ranked in the top 5% of the 99,508 people who have won at least one advanced game on the minesweeper app I have on my ipod (it’s called Minesweeper Q, if you’re interested (you probably should be…)). my fastest time is 94.5 seconds and it’s definitely something that I brag about.

I love finding people who also really enjoy the things that I like. my friend, Sam, also enjoys playing minesweeper, although he’s definitely nowhere near as obsessed as I am. Sam is super, super smart aka better than me at most things, but I’ve always found pleasure in knowing that I’m multiple minutes faster than him when it comes to minesweeper (and that I had a better Spanish placement score at Calvin, but who’s keeping track? ;)).

most people I know can’t win an advanced game of minesweeper, let alone compete with me…

…and then yesterday, I found out that Pat, one of the other leaders for NSM, can not only win a game, but can do it TWENTY SECONDS FASTER THAN ME.

to put this into perspective, that’s like your friend running a 5k in 16 minutes while you’re consistently running in the 18s; that’s like your friend getting an A+ while you’re fighting for that B-; that’s like your brother receiving 15 presents at Christmas while you only get 11.

as you might imagine, I felt a bit defeated when I found this out. it’s funny how some of the most meaningless things can impact your mood.

what little things make you feel defeated?


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