an ode.

I didn’t really like you for the first 20 years of my life.

I didn’t enjoy how I felt when you were around.

I didn’t appreciate how everyone gave me a hard time for not liking you or your friends.

I could maybe enjoy your presence a few times a year, but it took a lot of effort.

I didn’t want to spend holidays with you, especially my birthdays where you were expected to be.

but then…

I moved to Cincinnati and I fell in love with you.

you have changed my life for the better and there’s no turning back now.

so here’s to you, Graeter’s, for introducing me to a world of ice cream I never thought I could enjoy.

(can you tell I’m incredibly uninspired and struggling with blogging 30 times this month? ;) minesweeper and now Graeter’s… what strange thing will be the topic of tomorrow’s post?)


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