happy …birth-giving?

happy Thanksgiving!

if I tried to write about all of the things I’m thankful for, we’d be here for a while. a few things that I’m thankful for, though, are all of the people I’ve met in Ohio who have made the past six months so incredibly beautiful and Trisha’s family for allowing me to spend Thanksgiving with them in Louisville.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and this year, it also happens to be my birthday. I’m thankful for all of the blessings of this past year and I’m looking forward to everything that will happen in the next year.

next year will be my golden birthday, which means virtually nothing, but I’ve spent the past few weeks drafting up this list of things I’d like to do in the next year.

here’s 15 things I want to do before November 22, 2013:

  1. read the entire Bible (I actually started this in September, but I’m determined to finish this time)
  2. run a half-marathon
  3. read 50 books
  4. beat my 5k PR – 25:47 (2009)
  5. beat my 10k PR – 1:11:02 (2012)
  6. (finally) donate blood in Ohio
  7. get a tattoo
  8. visit three new states
  9. watch the sun both rise and set in the same day
  10. go to Tim Horton’s
  11. watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie (because I’ve seen the second and third numerous times)
  12. consume my first smoothie
  13. successfully cook pasta
  14. buy a commentary
  15. travel out of the country

I plan to blog about each of these things once I complete them, both to keep y’all updated on my life and to have a way to hold myself accountable (especially after that miserable attempt to blog every day in November…).

I can’t wait to experience this next year of my life with you all! :)


3 thoughts on “happy …birth-giving?

  1. You might want to consider the order on a few of these… for three, travelling and getting a tattoo should come after giving blood, yeah?

    Also, depending on how you want to count it, the Bible has 27 books.

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