In Review | January

In an attempt to be more consistent with posting this year, I’ll be posting at the end of each month sort of recapping the past 30ish days. Recapping? More like sharing a bunch of great things that I found this month that I don’t think you should miss. I’m really excited about this, especially because this month was SO good.


  • You are not your mental health disorder by Sarah Benesi // “Your mind is not sick.  It may crave extra love in some areas, but it is not diseased.” (Sarah also has a wonderfully hilarious Twitter feed – follow her at @sarahbenesi)
  • 100 Awesome Songs from 2002-2006 by Forever Twenty Somethings // This is a great post because it reminds you of classic 2000s musical gems and also makes you feel really old.
  • Shut Up and Let Me Grieve by Jayson Bradley // “Even if what you say is completely right, it likely won’t help. There’s nothing rational about grief.”
  • Price Peterson’s Teen Wolf Photo Recaps // This guy is great and his TW recaps are hilarious. You can find his most recent recap here. He also photo-recapped the Grammys, which is also good for some laughs.
  • Leave (Stories from a Restless Heart) by Micah Murray // Okay, so this is technically an eBook, but this post will get it to ya (and it’s free, so you have NO excuse not to read it). Micah is easily one of my favorite bloggers; I really enjoy his writing style and he’s not afraid to really speak his mind. Read his eBook, y’all.


  • “Stay Happy There” by La Dispute // The boys are back and I am so freaking excited. LD has a new album coming out March 18th and from the looks of it, it’s going to SLAY.
  • Local 12’s version of “Royals” // Local 12 does this thing called Dance Party Friday where they cover songs from the charts and they are SO GOOD. I mean, I’m a little biased because I kind of LOVE Bob Herzog… You should also check out their take on “Wrecking Ball” from the fall.
  • The Fault in Our Stars trailer // IT IS HERE. Watch it. Fall in love with this story. Read the freaking book by John Green before the movie comes out in June.
  • My roommate and I also watched Orange is the New Black this month. I KNOW that it came out months ago and can easily be watched in a weekend… Anyway, we finished it this week and we cannot wait for season 2 to come out!

What did you love this month? Anything I missed that is worth checking out? Let me know in the comments!


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