Cursing on Sunday

This happened today.

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We started a new sermon series today about what it means to be a Christian. My pastor prefaced his sermon by saying that this series would be straight from the Word, straight-up truth from the Bible. He said he knew we would not necessarily enjoy hearing what was going to be preached over the next few months. And he told us to get over it.

I understand that there is a time and place to be real with people about what God says in the Bible. And I understand that the Bible isn’t meant to be easy to understand. And I understand that the Bible isn’t meant to reflect our opinions, but that they should be rooted in the truths we find in Scripture.

But here we were, maybe five minutes into the sermon, and I was contemplating going home. And when I thought that preface was bad enough, my pastor began his sermon by saying today’s message was meant for Christian men, and more specifically, Christian husbands.

I don’t know why I stayed.

As a single, feminist, LGBT Christian woman, what was I supposed to get out of this sermon meant for Christian husbands?

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the end of the sermon turned to abortion and human trafficking. According to my pastor, abortion is a result of women who don’t receive Christlike love and trafficking is fueled by men who don’t love like Christ.

I know that I attend a church that is pro-life and not the kindest when it comes to homosexuality and I know full well that it is my choice to continue attending. You may be thinking, “if you know these things and you don’t agree with the beliefs of your church, why don’t you find a church that shares your beliefs?” For the answer to that question, I’ll send you here because Sarah and Lindsey have put my thoughts into words better than I probably could have.

And just in case I haven’t ruffled your Christian feathers enough with the words of this post, I’ll leave you with the last thoughts I wrote in my journal before leaving church this afternoon:

this sermon basically felt like bullshit… to be honest.


4 thoughts on “Cursing on Sunday

  1. We’re glad that our thoughts on the choices LGBT people make while finding a church home were helpful. “Demographic preaching” can be exceptionally difficult because invariably demographics get ignored. Out of curiosity, what Biblical texts is he preaching from in this new series?

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