Redefining Bravery

I’m currently in the middle of the 40 Day Challenge with Overcome the Lie. Each day, we get an email from my girl Ashley with a challenge for that specific day and man, does this girl know exactly what I need to hear. From today’s email:

“We’ve been spending a lot of time over at OTL talking about bravery, fearlessness and courage. And that bravery is not what we have always defined it as. That sometimes bravery is getting up in the morning. Sometimes bravery is looking in the mirror, lingering and seeing your beauty. That sometimes bravery is letting people go, laughing at the days to come or even speaking up.”

This week has been really difficult and full of life knocking me down over and over again. I spent the entire day yesterday in my room with the door locked, trying to ignore the world. That’s all I wanted to do again today.

But I didn’t because sometimes you need to look past your crummy circumstances and find a reason to be brave.

So today, bravery looked like getting out of bed; wearing a tshirt and TOMS while walking to the mailbox because it was 68 freaking degrees in the middle of February; taking a long shower; listening to old-school Nelly from 2002; wearing my favorite jeans and a rockin’ band shirt; taking shameless selfies in the bathroom; and rediscovering an old Spotify playlist full of songs that tug at my heartstrings.

Sara Bareilles wants to see you be brave. So does Jesus. So do I.

How are you redefining bravery today?

For more information about the Overcome the Lie community, check out their website. To join the 40 Day Challenge (it’s never too late!), email


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