Not God, but Jesus

I’ve had a lot of thoughts lately and my journal is filling up quickly because I just need to let them out. These are some thoughts I put on the pages today and since I’m aiming to be vulnerable with a lot of areas of my life, I wanted to share those thoughts with you. Here they are.

I can’t start a prayer with “Dear God.” I can’t say I’ll dial in or hang up. I can’t call Him my Daddy or say that I’m Daddy’s little girl.

If we talk about faith, I’m not going to tell you about what God has been doing in my life; I’m gonna tell you stories about what Jesus is doing in and through me (sometimes I’ll even be possessive and call him “my Jesus”).

If I post an Instagram from one of my journals, it’ll likely be about Yahweh.

To me, “Dear God” is like writing a letter to Santa. To me, dialing in and hanging up sounds like a joke. To me, Daddy is what I said when I was young, not how I can ever speak to my Father God.

I relate better to Jesus than God likely because Jesus was a MAN. God is still hard for me to grasp because He is this Being I can never fully understand. But Jesus, he was made fun of and betrayed. Jesus faced some of the same things I face today. Jesus gets me.

Today, I’m just glad that I can live and grow with Yahweh, my Jesus in the same way that you can live and grow with God, your Daddy.


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