No More Masks

The following words come from a journal entry dated 2/28/13.

We’ve been talking about transformation and wearing masks lately at Navs and it makes me happy for what will be eventually. The joy that will come when Jesus reigns on earth again… but also when this mask is thrown away and people know the real me. When I can boldly proclaim to the world: I am Natasha Rulason. I am in love with my Heavenly Father. And while you may not approve of this, I like boys, and I also like girls. And you know what? Jesus still LOVES me.

I reread these words earlier this week and wanted to share them with you because that joy has arrived. I’m finding new joys each day and many of them are due to the fact that I’ve shed various masks and started leaning in, started really becoming the person Jesus made me to be.

Thanks for being part of this journey, friends.


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