In Review | February

It’s that time again, folks… though I’m not sure how it’s already MARCH. Where is this year going? To be honest, I’m glad it’s March now because it means registering for summer classes in a few weeks. I paid off my tuition balance from the fall semester last week, so I can officially go back in May! This also means I’ll be returning to the admissions office in late April and I am STOKED. Anyway, February has been a weird month with a lot of ups and downs, but as for now, life is good. Like, really good.

ANYWAY! Here’s some of my favorites from February. Believe me when I say it was NOT easy to narrow it down – so many good things out there this month.


  • Some Thoughts on Ellen Page by Ben @ Registered Runaway // ICYMI – Ellen Page came out this month. I love what Ben had to say about it. You can also catch her coming out speech at the end of his post.
  • Church is not my priority, healing is by Rebekah Richardson // Over the past month, Rebekah has become one of my favorite people from the Internet. She’s hilarious and supportive and she posts great Instagrams. This post made me realize that it’s okay if church isn’t the answer for you in certain seasons of life… which is nice because I’ve been wrestling with whether or not I’m in one of those seasons right now.
  • Where Have They Gone? from the Banner // Simply put: “Isn’t it time for the church to welcome back its gay sons and daughters, along with their spouses and children? Isn’t it time to encourage everyone to know the love of God for each and every one of his children?”
  • I Don’t Have My Shit Together by Micah Murray // It’s no surprise that Micah made the list again this month, especially after I read this: “I don’t want to be a Christian writer, if it means writing from the heart and then hitting backspace until it feels safe again.” Way to hit the nail on the head, friend.


  • Finding Nemo (CENSORED!) // This video gets me literally LOLing every time I watch it.
  • “Just Don’t Go” – Local 12 Parody // GUYS. I have no shame at all in bringing back Bob Herzog’s parodies this month. This man is GOLD. But really, this Frozen parody went viral, so if you haven’t seen it… where have you been?
  • Pentatonix’s cover of “Say Something” // I’ve never been a big fan of Pentatonix, if I’m honest, but this cover is just too beautiful not to love.
  • Mary Lambert’s “She Keeps Me Warm” on GMA // You’ve probably heard Mary on Macklemore’s “Same Love,” but you are seriously missing out if you haven’t checked out her music. Also, her live vocals are just incredible.

What were some of your favorites from February? Let me know!


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