What I’m Into | March 2014

It may be a Monday, but today is a beautiful day. It’s Opening Day – baseball season has officially arrived and I could not be more excited for another season of cheering on the Reds. It’s the official launch day of Bedlam Magazine, a beautiful place that I hope you will check out. It’s also the end of the month, so it’s time for another recap post, but in a slightly different style. I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer to let y’all know what I was diggin’ this March.


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Books // I finally read Divergent a few weeks ago and I LOVED IT. I read it in six hours and bought Insurgent the very next day. That one took me around a week to finish, but I also really enjoyed it. I haven’t purchased Allegiant yet and probably won’t for a few weeks, so I’ll probably let you know what I thought of it next month. I also sort of started reading Multiply by Francis Chan, but I don’t know how much I like it or if it’s one I’ll finish. E-book-wise, I’ve been digging into Ashley Beaudin‘s 33 Questions to Ask Your Heart, which has been really good for figuring out what makes me me.


Naturally, my favorite line in Insurgent.

Movies + TV // It took me a few months, but I finally hopped on the Frozen train… I’m not sure there’s a single person who didn’t like that movie. I was working at Target the day it came out on DVD and I swear, I personally sold fifty copies in the first two hours I was there (and if you were only buying Frozen, I could tell you your total based on which version you bought within 45 minutes). I think that might actually be the only movie I watched this month, which is a shame. The roommate and I have been stalking the movie listings at the cheap theater, so maybe we’ll check out more this coming month. On the TV front, the season finale of Teen Wolf aired last Monday and it was overwhelming, but relieving. I’ll miss a few of the characters who won’t be returning for season four, but for the most part, I think I’m okay with the storyline. I watched a handful of episodes of Parenthood this weekend while dog-sitting and I AM SO INTO IT. If someone wants to hook me up with a Netflix account so I can keep watching, I wouldn’t be opposed to that.


Because sometimes, simplicity is key.

Music // La Dispute’s new album “Rooms Of The House” came out on the 18th and I can’t stop listening to it. Seriously, I have the CD in my car and I don’t even listen to the radio when I’m in there. I can’t choose a favorite song because they’re all SO DANG GOOD. I love how their sound has evolved with each of their albums and I can’t help but love a band that talks about Michigan so often in their music.


Casual selfie the day my copy arrived.

Community // March was a good month for seeing people I don’t get the chance to see very often. I had dinner with Ava and lunch with Taylor while they were home on spring break. Lots of good conversation and laughs were had with those lovely ladies. I also took a little road trip up to Indianapolis to visit Maggie and Jazz and it was pretty much the best.


Taylor and I cheesin’ it up after consuming #alldacarbs at Olive Garden.

Growth // I’ve started experimenting a little with different fonts and different mediums and it’s been a whole lot of fun. I’m still nowhere near considering myself an artist, but I’m finding new ways to express myself and new ways to experience joy. On a completely different front, I’m training at the Starbucks in our Target and I’m really excited to be back around coffee again. Earlier in the month, I joined a crew of fabulous people to help plan this year’s Pride festival. I’m serving as media coordinator, which is a little stressful, since I’m the youngest person, but it has been a really good time. OH – I also bought a bed(!!!) last week, which is a very adult thing to do, and it also made me feel like I can truly call Cincinnati my home.


I’m really proud of this one, even though my black pen was dying.

I can’t share blogs I liked with you this month because I did some serious slacking on blog reading and I can only think of two posts off the top of my head (on that note, you should check out Ben’s responses to the World Vision fiasco here and here).

Feel free to let me know what you were into this month and if there’s anything (blog posts especially) that you think I should check out!

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