Grateful Heart Monday 04.14.14

Today I’m linking up with Emily to share what I’m grateful for on this gray Monday.

  • New boots, courtesy of the clearance section at Target
  • The completion of my taxes (finally (oops))
  • A Kroger employee who was kind enough to reach cereal on the back of the shelf for me (curse you, short arms!)
  • Leftover Chipotle
  • Green grass
  • The beautiful Overcome the Lie community
  • (and more specifically) The incredible weekend I had, thanks to #OTLtakesIndy
OTL takes Indy / Maggie's apartment

six of the seven lovely OTL ladies who took Indy by storm on Saturday.

What are you grateful for today?


3 thoughts on “Grateful Heart Monday 04.14.14

  1. I’m grateful for OT opportunities, impromptu nights with the girls, and a community so loving that no one ever lets me forget that I’m a cherished daughter of God. I’d say that’s a pretty awesome Monday compared with my usual dread this morning…

  2. My husband just finished our taxes, too! :) You are the 2nd person to mention Chipotle today – something I love SO much that I gave it up for Lent. Gah! :) Looking forward to getting to know you via blogland!!

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