Grateful Heart Monday 05.12.14

Hi friends! I’m linking up with Emily again for #gratefulheartmonday because, let’s be real, Mondays don’t have to be all about negativity. Emily has seriously changed my perspective on Mondays over the past month; I haven’t posted each Monday, but I’ve tweeted things I’ve felt grateful for on the weeks that I didn’t post. And holy crap, I feel like there’s so much to be grateful for lately, so let’s jump right in.

Things I’m especially grateful for on this hot and humid Monday:

  • I’m sweating my butt off in my apartment instead of at Target – gotta love not working on Mondays! Well, for now, because…
  • I’m going back to the office! I stopped by to visit the ladies in admissions last week while I was on campus and they practically begged me to come back this summer. I’ll start this week or next, which means no more Mondays/Wednesdays off. It’ll be a crazy work-filled summer, but it’ll be so, so worth it.
  • I had the best time in Michigan last week. My friends are such beautiful souls and they are overflowing with love for me – like, hot dang, I am blessed by y’all.
  • I’m not stoked about my summer class, but it means I can take a full course load in the fall, so I’m sucking it up and embracing the fact that I’m spending my summer with SQL.
  • Have I told y’all about my new small group? Because they are fabulous and I’m so excited to see them again tonight, especially after missing last week due to my trip to Michigan.

And speaking of my lovely small group, I need to finish getting ready so I can head that way! I’d love to know what you’re grateful for today – link up with us or leave a comment below!